May 12, 2016: Roots & Shoots

We have another iconic spring menu for next week, with pickled ramps, cold spring pea soup, long-roasted pork belly, steamed baby root vegetables, fresh mizuna, and garlic scape herb sauce. And cherries!

All that, and we will bring it to you, too. We’ll deliver this crate to Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco on Thursday, May 12, between 5:00 and 8:00 pm.

The vegetarian version contains the pea soup, the omnivore’s version contains the pork belly; if you’d like both main dishes, order the all-in version.

We offer a small size, feeding 2-4, and a regular size, feeding 4-6. The regular all-in can feed up to 8. The crate is suitable for one big dinner party, a weekend getaway, or several everyday meals. We’ll include our usual leaflet with serving suggestions, reheating instructions, recipes, and a shopping list for getting creative.

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The menu:

Long roasted pork belly
With onions, fennel, wine, and herbs—a decadent savory something to enjoy with all the spring freshness to follow.

Cold spring pea soup
It’s peak pea season, so we are making this for you, our most beloved pea soup, green and creamy and miraculous.

Steamed baby spring roots
Baby carrots, new potatoes, Tokyo turnips, and baby golden beets, pretty as a picture.

Pickled ramps
This singular wild allium, Allium tricoccum, has a brief season (now!). We like to pickle them so their unique onion-garlic flavor can last awhile longer. They will go beautifully with the pork, in a tangle with the steamed vegetables, or anywhere you want a complicated, flavorful crunch.

Garlic scape herb sauce
Garlic scapes are the flower stalk the plant sends up as it prepares to flower; the stalk is basically garlic vegetable. We pickled these and like to slice them small to use like capers—this will be a garlicky salsa verde style sauce, with olive oil and parsley.

Fresh mizuna
One of two market items in this crate, mizuna is a delicately peppery, beautiful, spiky leaf, wonderful for eating raw, piling into soup, dressing with garlic scape sauce, or eating simply with lemon and olive oil.

They’re here, they’re here! We’ll give you the best ones we find: a pound and a half in the regular size, one pound in the small.

Coming soon:
The next crate after this one will be the launch of a new thing we’re doing: cache kits! These are crates with longer-lasting provisions to keep around, for making your life better at a moment’s notice. Each one will be available throughout the season, rather than for just one day. The first one will be called Trek—suitable for camping, hiking, airplane trips, or even just snacking while you watch a movie. You can get it delivered on May 26 at the usual time, or with any other crate through July! You will also be able to order a kit to pick up at our kitchen on a day we aren’t delivering. We’ll send more details about the contents soon.

From late summer to fall we’ll offer a Picnic kit, then a Holiday one through the late fall and early winter.

Stay tuned!

All our best,
Jennifer & Laura