May 26, 2016 (and beyond!): our first cache kit!

We’re so excited to announce a new thing we’re doing, starting now: cache kits! They’re more shelf-stable and snackable than our usual meal project crates, and they’ll be available for an entire season. We’re calling May through July travel season, so the first cache kit is Trek. It’s suitable for all your late spring and summer travel, whether you’re taking a 23-hour flight, camping with your dearests, backpacking to a pretty river, or making forts in the living room.

How do you get one?
Well. If you order by 3:00 pm on delivery day, we’ll deliver one to you in Berkeley, Oakland, or San Francisco this coming Thursday, May 26, at the usual time: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. And then: they will continue to be available  with any crate you order from now through July! You can also come pick one up at our kitchen in Berkeley, with a day’s notice. We recommend getting one now to have around, so that you can be well-provisioned at a moment’s notice.
What’s in it?
It comes in one size, and this one is vegetarian, so there’s just one version (if you’d like a vegan version, let us know and we’ll set you up). Each one will be packaged in a reusable basket that you can keep. It’s like this:
Fruit and seed bars, four
A more varied version of our famous date bars, these are delicious and sustaining.
Roasted chickpeas, pint jar
A crunchy, spicy little snack with cardamom and chile that is light enough for your backpack and delicious enough for guests. Maybe you should have a party at camp.
Cheddar crackers, 1 dozen
Cheese crackers, salty and rich and so very good, at home or away.
Housemade graham crackers, 24
Extra delicious with honey and brown sugar, and essential for your…
Housemade marshmallows, 12
These are extensively tested for roastability. You are welcome.
TCHO chocolate, 8 ounce jar
Little discs, perfect for melting onto your s’more or just eating out of the jar.
Herb infused almonds, 12 ounce jar
Supremely crunchy and carrying lots of heady verbena and mint flavor.
Cranberry quince rosemary fruit leather, 6 pieces
A bright, sweet, herby pick-me-up.

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All our best, 
Jennifer & Laura