June 9, 2016: Messy

We have a summery, sandwichy menu for your next week: Messy, with Texas-style chopped beef, vegan sloppy joe, rolls from Firebrand Bread, zucchini relish, our version of the classic broccoli salad, a fresh spring slaw, creamy horseradish sauce, and stone fruit from the market. You can cozy up with this one, or make it into a picnic, depending on what the fog does. It will make for an easy, festive graduation celebration, or a few days of more casual meals.

We’ll deliver this crate next Thursday, June 9, between 5:00 and 8:00 pm, to Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco. It comes in a regular size, feeding 4 to 8, and a small, feeding 2 to 4.

The vegetarian version contains the vegan sloppy joe.
The omnivore’s version contains the chopped beef.
The all-in has both main dishes and extra rolls.

Questions? Special dietary requests? Get in touch with us! We like to make it work for you.

Chopped beef in mop sauce
BN Ranch chuck, smoked and chopped and given in a brothy, spicy sauce for piling high on a roll with slaw and horseradish sauce. Yep.

Vegan sloppy joe
Lentils, chickpeas, and aromatic vegetables; saucy and flavorful and ready to be your tasty vegetarian sandwich (see menu title).

The good ones, from Firebrand Bread.

Zucchini relish
Sharp, sweet, and spicy, with horseradish and spring onion.

Spring slaw
Crunchy sweet spring vegetables with cabbage, for elevating your sandwich, both literally and figuratively.

Broccoli salad
Like your grandma makes, if Laura and Jennifer were your grandmas. Currants soaked in sweet vinegar, shaved carrot, pickled spring onions.

Creamy horseradish sauce
Sandwich dressing of the highest order, creamy and sharp.

Stone fruit
It’s getting pretty gorgeous out there; we’ll give you some of the most delicious, drip-down-your-arm tree fruit happening next week, to eat out of hand, slice into salads or make into pie.

While you're at it, order a Trek cache kit  to be delivered on Thursday or picked up at our kitchen, for your upcoming summer adventures.

See you Thursday!
Jennifer & Laur