April 28, 2016: Forage

We have an extra special something for you next week: Forage, celebrating the sprouting, fruiting, blossoming, coiled-up, hiding treasures of spring, with smoked quail and huckleberry sauce, wheat berry & morel risotto, fiddlehead ferns & fava beans, bay nut meringues, and more. See, we were not kidding about the extra special.

The basics: We’ll deliver it to Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco, on Thursday between 5:00 and 8:00 pm. We offer a small size, feeding 2-4, and a regular size, feeding 4-6. The regular all-in can feed up to 8. The crate is suitable for one big dinner party, a weekend getaway, or several everyday meals. We’ll include our usual leaflet with serving suggestions, reheating instructions, recipes, and a shopping list for getting creative. The vegetarian version contains the risotto, the omnivore’s version contains the quail, and the all-in contains both.

Orders are open until next Tuesday at 3:00 pm, or until they sell out.

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The menu:

Whole smoked quails & huckleberry sauce
To enjoy warm or cold with a deep, rich sauce of wild huckleberries.

Morel & wheat berry risotto
A simple, elegant risotto of Full Belly Farms’ Frasinetto wheat berries, to show off the morel mushrooms tucked into it.

Fava beans & fiddlehead ferns
We are just standing on the roof shouting “SPRING” around here.

Flower butter
Nasturtiums, borage, begonias—sharp, spicy, and cucumber flavors, plus butter: tasty and pretty.

Miner's lettuce
The ultimate foraged salad. Look for this growing along your hiking paths this spring and summer, especially where the ground is wet. We love its earthy, succulent character.

Charred beets
A little anchoring sweetness, a foil for all the bright unfurling hallelujahs.

Bay nut meringues
Foraged in the fall, these nuts are dark and taste similar to cocoa nibs, which makes them perfect for studding sweet and crispy meringues.

Extras this week include Morell’s sunflower bread, our own turkey stock, and Nuthouse granola. You can always request an extra of any element on the menu, or a custom version if we are making something you cannot enjoy.

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Have a wonderful weekend—we’ll see you Thursday!

All our best,
Jennifer & Laura