April 14, 2016: Ugly Duckling

We have a new spring menu for you, as gangly and full of promise as a wet baby swan: chicken in a salt crust, a spring roots and shoots soup with matzo balls, cardoon salad with fava greens, nasturtium leaf pistou, duck eggs, and more.

As usual, we’ll deliver it to Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco, on Thursday between 5:00 and 7:30 pm. We offer a small size, feeding 2-3, and a regular size, feeding 4-6. The crate is suitable for one big dinner party, or several everyday meals. We’ll include our usual leaflet with serving suggestions, reheating instructions, recipes, and a shopping list for getting creative. The vegetarian version contains the soup, the omnivore’s version contains the chicken, and the all-in contains both.

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The menu:

Chicken roasted in a salt crust
A lumpy golden parcel of crust acts as seasoning and oven for the pastured chicken within, resulting in a beautifully moist and tasty bird, not to mention an impressive presentation: the perfect thing emerging from the wreckage of its shell.

Soup of spring roots and shoots, matzo balls
We’re a little early for Passover, so we’re giving this in straight-sided jars in case you’d like to freeze it for next week. It’ll be rich with spring treasures and fluffy matzo balls; you can keep it vegetarian or add some of the chicken to it.

Swiss chard gratin
A pile of Swiss chard with a little cream, Gruyere, and Vella’s Mezzo Secco. Hearty and irresistible.

Nasturtium leaf and green garlic pistou
For your soup, for your chicken; for elevating and brightening everything it touches.

Cardoon, celery and fennel salad
Cardoon is the ultimate ugly duckling: thorny and gawky and requiring lots of attention, but beautiful in the end, tasting a little like artichokes and looking like celery. We’ll do the hard part for you, and pair it with celery, fennel, fava greens and a sweet-tart dressing.

Fresh duck eggs
Rich and silky, wonderful for custards (we’ll give a recipe), for poaching in your soup, or scrambling. Plus, we’re suckers for a metaphor.

Strawberry pop tarts
Our homemade strawberry jam in a flaky butter crust, because we like you.

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Extras this week include Morell’s Full Belly Wheat, Nuthouse Granola, and our own stellar chicken bone broth and strawberry jam.

Thanks for supporting sustainable farmers and handmade food! We’ll see you Thursday.

All our best,
Jennifer & Laura