March 30 and 31, 2016: Spring, and a pop up!

We’re excited about next week’s menu for two reasons: it’s spring, and time for lamb meatballs, artichoke salad and chickpeas, turmeric sesame yogurt, and dandelion greens; and we’re doing our very first pop-up, at Neighbor’s Corner in San Francisco (for real this time)!

We’ll be delivering crate orders as usual, on Thursday, March 31, between 5:00 and 8:00 pm, to Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco. On Wednesday, March 30, we’ll be at Neighbor’s Corner from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm selling elements from the menu to go, as part of their pop-up series. 10% of all sales from Neighbor’s Corner will benefit Nihonmachi Little Friends. You can read more about Neighbor’s Corner here--they are a wonderful new neighborhood hub, beautifully curated local market, and café. You can pre-order what you'd like to pick up there on Wednesday, and we'll have it ready for you, or just come by!
Crates are available in a regular size, and a small. We find that the food in any given crate lasts for several meals, for a range of about two people with a small vegetarian crate, to as many as eight with a regular all-in. The vegetarian version contains the artichoke and chickpea salad, the omnivore’s contains the lamb meatballs, and the all-in contains both.
More about this week’s menu:
Lamb and pork meatballs, Greek oregano, green garlic
Lemony, rich meatballs, in a little sauce for warming them up.
Artichoke and chickpea salad, almonds, olives, herbs, preserved lemon, olive oil
A pile of delicious, for serving warm or cold.
Pickled beet salad with blood orange, sunflower sprouts, fennel, citronette
A pretty, pink, tart and sweet and crunchy salad, equally suitable for dinner and lunch.
Turmeric yogurt
With sesame and green garlic, creamy and savory and the color of a daffodil.
Crispy olive oil lavash
For dipping, for piling high, for crumbling.
Seed and spice mix
A surprising and wonderful mixture for adding crunch and heady flavor to everything else in the crate, and beyond. Dried thyme and savory, sesame, dried shallot, sumac and nigella.
Dandelion greens
Greek style, cooked and dressed with lots of good olive oil and lemon.
Fresh asparagus
Harbinger of the season—it’s here!
Extras this week include our own excellent chicken bone broth, Morell’s sesame bread, and Nuthouse granola.
Order your crate for delivery on Thursday
Pre-order for Wednesday’s pop-up at Neighbor’s Corner
Thanks for supporting Potliquor! We’ll see you next week.
All our best,
Jennifer & Laura