March 16, 2016: Lucky

Hello, and welcome to our third annual Irish-American inspired menu, Lucky: naturally brined corned beef, fava green and turnip pasties, kale colcannon, carrots in Guinness, roasted cabbage, good cheddar, and oat digestive biscuits!

This crate is for Thursday, March 16; we’ll deliver orders to Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco between 5:00 and 8:00 pm. You can also pick up your crate from our kitchen, 2701 Eighth Street No. 105, in Berkeley, between 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm.
The crate is available in a regular size, feeding about four; and a small, feeding about two. This one is particularly suited to feasting, but you can also use it for several lighter meals throughout the week. It’s wonderful for weekend trips, too. As always, we’ll include a sheet with recipes for using and complementing the food we give you, a shopping list of elements that will add beautifully to it, and instructions for serving everything. The vegetarian version contains the pasties, the omnivore’s version contains the corned beef, and the all-in contains both.
It’s like this:
Naturally brined pastured corned beef in broth
We love making this every year: pastured brisket, brined with beet broth for pinkness instead of saltpeter.

Fava green & turnip pasties: spring onion, green garlic, mint, cumin crust
Spring, in pie form.

Roasted cabbage with butter and whole grain mustard
Buttery cabbage and mustard, to enjoy warm: the simplest food is sometimes the most transcendent.

Kale colcannon
Mashed potatoes and kale, the classic Irish dish, by way of California.

Carrots & Guinness
Glazey dark-sweet lovelies.

Caraway horseradish cream
This week’s sauce, sharp and creamy and tart, for everything

Fiscalini bandaged-wrapped cheddar
Extra mature and very tasty.

Oat digestive biscuits
A memory from childhood: buttery oat biscuits, very slightly sweet, to dunk in a hot cup of milky tea. Beautiful with cheese, too, of course.

Extras available this week include our beautiful chicken broth, Morell’s spelt bread, Nuthouse granola, and extras of horseradish caraway cream and pasties.

Order your crate!

If you would like to make adjustments to this or any other crate for dietary reasons, just let us know—we’d love to make it work for you.

All our best,
Jennifer & Laura