March 3, 2016: Menü

Hello there, 

We’re deep in spring and our thoughts are turning to…German food! Spaetzle with pea shoots and mushrooms, pork schnitzel with lemon, and lots of salads:  celery root and celery, kohlrabi & potato, fresh baby mustard greens. Our sharp and sweet stone fruit mostarda is an extra special element in this one. Serve it as one beautiful feast to people you like, or use it for everyday eating over a period of several days. If you’re planning to leave town this week, our crates are great for taking with you to a mountain cabin, a friend’s house, or even camping.

This crate is for Thursday, March 3, 2016; we’ll deliver orders from Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco between 5:00 and 7:30 pm, or you can pick up at our kitchen in Berkeley from 3:00 pm.

We offer the crate in a regular size, which feeds about four, and a small size, which feeds about two. The vegetarian version contains the spaetzle, the omnivore’s version contains the schnitzel, and the all-in contains both.

pea tendrils

It’s like this:

Pork schnitzel
Humanely raised pork loin, breaded with crumbs from Morell’s bread, quickly fried and given with lemon.

Spaetzle, pea tendrils, spring mushrooms, herb butter & pecorino
Buttery spring goodness. We’ll give you the spaetzle frozen, so that you can pan-fry it or dunk it in boiling water when you’re ready to eat it.

Celery & celery root salad, horseradish & herbs
A fresh, bright slaw, with the occasional curl of fresh horseradish, to keep you on your toes.

Fresh baby mustard greens
Pretty little leaves, with a bracing bite, equally suitable for eating as a salad or wilting as a side dish.

Carrot puree
A little anchoring sweetness, to complement the sharp and rich things going on around here.

Kohlrabi & potato salad with dill
So simple, unique and tasty.

Stone fruit mostarda
Okay, yes, this comes from a tradition rooted in Italy—but it will be wonderful with so many elements in this menu that we had to give it to you anyway. It’s made with apricots, peaches and prunes, whose natural sweetness is balanced with lots of mustard seed, along with vinegar and wine. Use it as a condiment with spaetzle or salads, or keep it to serve with cheese or charcuterie for a special occasion.

Order your crate!

Extras this week include our own chicken bone broth, Nuthouse granola, and Morell’s rye bread.

Thanks for supporting what we do—we’ll see you Thursday!

All our best,

Jennifer & Laura