February 18, 2016: Cosy

We’re happy to announce a British-inspired, tasty and sustaining menu for these sunny and cloudy times, which we’re calling Cosy. Chicken pot pie, nettle and potato soup, peppercress herb sauce, buttery turnips and the rest will keep you feeling well cared for all week.

If you live in Berkeley, Oakland, or San Francisco, we’ll deliver your order to you between 5:00 and 7:30 on Thursday, February 18. If you live outside our delivery area or just prefer to pick up at our Berkeley kitchen, 2701 Eighth Street, No. 105, you can do that between 3:00 and 7:30 pm.

The crate is available in a regular size, feeding about four, and a small, feeding about two. The vegetarian version contains the potato and nettle soup; the omnivore’s version contains the chicken pot pie, and the all-in contains both.

As always, we’ll give a careful sheet of recipes, instructions and a suggested shopping list. Most people find that the food lasts two to three days by itself, more when combined with other food, and that it is possible to throw one glorious feast and eat it all in one go. How you use it is up to you!

These are lamb pies from 2015. The chicken ones will look a little different from these.

These are lamb pies from 2015. The chicken ones will look a little different from these.

It’s like this:

Chicken pot pie
The classic, with buttery pie crust and an iconic filling of roasted chicken, aromatics, root vegetables and herbs.

Potato & nettle soup   
A spring preview, deep green and wild, with sweet alliums and satisfying potatoes. A little butter, a little cream.

White bean and leek salad
We love this warm, spooned into sturdy lettuce leaves with a little herb sauce over. It will also make a great cold salad, or the beginning of a more involved soup.

Peppercress herb sauce
This week’s beauty, for finishing everything.

Buttery turnips
White tokyos or bright scarlets, depending on what’s best: either way, they’ll be silky and buttery and miraculous.

Spigariello with garlic and olive oil       
Simple, deep green, practically succulent.

Breen lettuce      
For your warm bean & leek salad, or a simple peppercress-dressed one.

Extras this week include our own chicken bone broth, Morell’s Full Belly wheat bread, and Nuthouse granola.

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Thanks for supporting Potliquor! We’ll see you Thursday.

All our best,
Jennifer & Laura