Sportsball III!

Well, football is coming to our town for the 50th Super Bowl ever, you may have heard. There will be feats of glory, people bashing into each other, yelling in living rooms! Who will win? And also, what will you eat?
We have some ideas about that. The second thing, not the first thing.

The crate:
We’re offering our now-traditional Sportsball crate, with red beef and golden vegetarian chilis, cornbread and honey butter, smoky caramel corn, molasses beer nuts, and more. You can get it delivered to your door on Thursday evening between 5:00 and 7:30 pm if you live in Oakland, Berkeley or San Francisco, or you can pick it up at our kitchen in Berkeley from 3:00 to 7:30 pm. The vegetarian version contains the golden vegetarian chili, the omnivore’s contains the red beef chili, and the all-in contains both. We’re offering it in a small size, feeding about two, or a regular size, feeding about four. If you’re feeding 8-10 people, say to watch a football game together, you can get more than one crate! You can also customize your own, as we’re offering each element as an extra, as well. (If you care not a whit about the football, this crate is also suitable for non-themed dining.)
The platters:
If you’re having more people than that, we’re offering a Sportsball version of our platters menu! It’s good for feeding up to 50, and we'll deliver platters to you on Sunday, before the game.
Have questions? Send us a message or give us a call! We are here for you.
The crate menu is like this:
All-meat BN Ranch beef chili
Basically meat and sauce, cooked forever, like they do in Texas. Real chili, fiery and beautiful.
Golden vegetarian chili
Yellow Indian Woman beans from Rancho Gordo, aji amarillo chiles, winter squash and aromatics. Medium spicy, velvety, sustaining.
Broccoli and carrot salad
Our version of the Midwestern classic, with currants, sunflower seeds and housemade mayo dressing, sweet and tart and creamy and actually a little bit good for you.
Buttermilk cornbread & honey butter
For your chilis, and because is there anything nicer on this earth than warm cornbread and honey butter?
Spinach and kohlrabi dip
The classic, made real with a lot of love. Suitable for serving cold, or baked; with potato chips, or an assortment of your vegetables and bread.
Smoky caramel corn
Enough smoky salty crunchy salty goodness to share with friends. No nuts, but if you like it crackerjack style you can add your…
Molasses beer nuts
Massa almonds, Full Belly walnuts, and pumpkin seeds, with a gritty molasses & brown sugar coating. So good.
Extras this week include everything on the crate menu so that you can customize, plus lots of additional elements to add to your crate, like pulled pork, sweet jalapeno chicken wings, four-onion dip, and more. There's also Morell’s Tordu (a twisted baguette), Nuthouse Granola, and our concentrated chicken bone broth.
As always, if you have questions about the menu, or can’t eat a particular thing and would like to switch it out for something else, please get in touch with us! We want to make it work for you.
All our best,
Jennifer & Laura