January 28, 2016: Home

Hello there,
We have a cozy menu for your rainy next week, which we’re calling Home: what better place to eat when it’s cold and wet outside? May water keep falling from the sky, and may you be with people you love, warm and well fed.

We are officially delivering to Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco! If you live in one of those three cities, we’ll deliver your order to you between 5:00 and 7:30 on Thursday, January 28. If you live outside our delivery area or just prefer to pick up at our spiffy Berkeley kitchen, you can do that between 3:00 and 7:30 pm.
The crate is available in a regular size, feeding about four, and a small, feeding about two. The vegetarian version contains the lentil & sunchoke cottage pie; the omnivore’s version contains the spring onion & herb meatloaf, and the all-in contains both.
It’s like this:
Meatloaf with spring onion, green garlic and herbs 
A beef and pork meatloaf with lots of green alliums and herbs, with eggs in the middle to remind you that spring is coming. There won’t be any gluten in this one, though there will be oats.
Lentil and sunchoke cottage pie, squash mash thatch
Saucy and savory, and an excellent tongue twister for your dinner companions.
Braised collard greens
With smoked salt and chile, cooked long.
Roasted cauliflower
Brown edges, creamy middles.
Beet salad with arugula and citrus         
We’re giving this to you jar-salad style, so you can dump it out into a bowl and--ta da--have a freshly dressed salad, or take it with you for lunch.
Sorrel parsley sauce
A brighter than usual version of the classic salsa verde, with olive oil and lemon.
Meyer lemon marmalade butter cookies
To nibble with your tea.

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Extras this week include Morell’s sesame bread, Nuthouse granola, and our concentrated chicken bone broth, to heal whatever ails you.
We’ll see you Thursday!

All our best,
Jennifer & Laura