November 6, 2014: Soup

Hello there,
We’re glad to announce a menu for November 6: Soup! Chicken soup, tomato soup, lots of beautiful accompaniments and salads, and even some cookie dough. There are some other things we’re excited about right now, too, that we think you might like to know about:
Farmers Exchange of Earthly Delights is responsible for providing us with much of the Sonoma bounty that fills your crate each time, and they are fine people who really believe in what they do. They have an indiegogo campaign right now to raise money for a new truck so that they can add a delivery day and serve the growing need for locally grown food. There are some very sweet rewards; check it out!
Berkeley Kitchens Open House:
Our beloved kitchen community is throwing an open house on November 14, from 5:00 pm to 7:00. Mark your calendar to come on by 2701 8th Street in Berkeley and taste and see what we’re all up to.
And now, some food for you:
All in (chicken soup and tomato soup): $165.00
Omnivore (chicken soup): $125.00
Vegetarian (tomato soup): $135.00
Classic chicken soup, quart and a half
Young chicken and range hens in a rich broth, aromatic and medically miraculous.
Tomato soup, quart and a half
A creamy, iconic autumn soup, for those cold days that should be starting up any minute now.
Bread dumplings, eight
These contain milk, eggs, and herbs, and are a beautiful comforting thing in your soup.
Roasted autumn vegetables, quart jar
Parsnips, shallots, carrots, and squash.
Tarragon parsley pistou, half pint jar
For dressing up your soups and things.
Beet & apple salad, fennel, walnuts, quart jar
Sweet and earthy, bright and sustaining.
Fried lentils, 6 ounces
We like these as an additional garnish for the tomato soup and/or beet salad, and to snack on.
Braised cabbage, pint jar
Beautiful by itself, and as a start to a thousand comforting fall dishes.
Bread and butter pickles, 12 ounce jar
Because you need pickles.
Persimmon cookie dough, 12 ounces 
One of our favorite fall cookies, starring the hachiya persimmon.
Extras this week include Morell’s kid bread, great for grilled cheese sandwiches, and lamb glaze, for your braising and saucing pleasure.
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All our best,
jennifer & laura