Shepherd & Hunter + Thanksgiving

 Hello there,
We have many things to tell you this week! There’s a menu for pickup next Thursday the 20thShepherd & Hunter; a special Thanksgiving crate for pre-order, available for pickup Tuesday the 25th; and the kitchens in our building are having an open house tomorrow—come say hello!
Shepherd & Hunter: It’s getting darker (and rainy!), so we’re offering you some of our best-loved comforting food—Hunter’s style braised range hens with lots of beautiful mushrooms, and Vegetarian shepherd’s pie, plus lots of vegetables, and even some duck eggs.
ThanksWe love Thanksgiving, and have put together an extra-special menu full of wonderful things to add to your feast. Sage walnuts, condensed mushrooms with dried porcini, apple chutney, fried shallots, special cheese, pie dough, oh my.


This one time, we made a Turducken.
Open House: the Berkeley Kitchens Open House is this Friday the 14th, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm! Do come say hello, meet our fine neighbors, and see and taste some of the wonderful things that are made here. 2701 8th Street, Berkeley.
Shepherd & Hunter is like this, for November 20:
All in (braised hen and vegetarian shepherd’s pie):  $195
Omnivore (braised hen): $145.00
Vegetarian (shepherd’s pie): $120.00
Hunter’s style braised range hen, two quart jar
Flavorful birds, cooked long and slow with some deeply flavored mushrooms and tomatoes and onions. Fall goodness.
Vegetarian shepherd’s pie, 9”
Rich and sustaining, roots and mushrooms and love.
Spaghetti squash, butter and garlic, 24 ounce jar
The texture miracle, like buttery squash noodles.
Roasted broccoli, chile, quart jar
Simple, warming and good.
Sage farina, pint jar
Savory porridge, for chilly nights and soaking up broth.
Frisee, one or two heads
A little bitter frill for your autumnal self.
Nettle walnut pistou, half pint jar
So delicious and deep and good for you.
Duck eggs, 4
Because we can. And for the best frisee lardon salad ever.
Extras this week include Morell’s rosemary bread (get an extra to dry for stuffing!), and cauliflower soup.
Thanks is like this, for November 25:
One version, $200 (if you’d prefer the vegetable stock to the poultry one, just let us know in the notes field when you order.)
Garden pickles, pint jar
A guest-welcoming quantity of mixed pickles.
Apple chutney, pint jar
Serve this with your cheese, and put some on your leftover turkey (or grilled cheese) sandwich.
Avalanche Lamborn Bloomers, 7 ounces
A goat robiola from Colorado, special for serving to your dearests.
Sage walnuts, pint jar
Great with cheese and pickles.
Double poultry or onion sage stock, two 24-ounce jars
For your gravy and your post-holiday soup. Let us know in the notes field if you’d prefer the vegetarian stock, or one of each.
Condensed mushrooms, 12 ounce jar
Crimini and dried porcini mushrooms, cream, sherry. For soup or casserole or sauce.
Fried shallots, half pint jar
For your green bean casserole, or for a little savory crunch on anything. Extra points if you save some for long enough to get them into a sandwich.
Pomegranate seeds, 12 ounce jar
Because we actually do love you.
Sherry vinaigrette, half pint jar
The classic, for dressing your favorite greens.
Celery salt, half pint jar
For finishing your bird, roots, or soup.
Compound butter—thyme, rosemary, sage
Sage, rosemary, thyme: for your gravy, for basting your bird, for finishing your root vegetables.
Pie crusts, three
All rolled out and ready to go.
Pumpkin filling, quart jar
For pie, or suitable for baking as crust-free custards, too.
Apples, three pounds
You see where this is going.
Baking spice, two ounces
Your apple pie? It is handled.
Extras: Morell’s levain, for stuffing or sandwiches. If you’d like extras of any other element, let us know in the notes field and we’ll set you up.
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All our best,
jennifer & laura