October 23, 2014: Stuffed

Hello there,
We’re glad to announce a new menu, Stuffed, an extra-pretty collection of stuffed quince, squash, onions and apples, elegant and satisfying for serving to friends or enjoying at home. As usual, we’ll offer them on Square Market for pickup in San Francisco and Berkeley on Thursday (October 23), from 5:00 to 7:30 pm. The vegetarian version contains the squash, the omnivore version contains the quince, and the all-in contains both.
Vegetarian: $135
Omnivore: $145
All in: $175

It’s like this:
Quince stuffed with lamb, pomegranate seeds–four to six halves
About as elementally fall as we can get, with some of the first quince of the season.
Squash stuffed with freekeh, herbs, and goat cheese
Dense, silky winter squash with freekeh (roasted green wheat) and lots of herbs.
Rice-stuffed onions, mint, and spices—four
Onions bring so much to nearly every dish we make. We like to shine a light on them sometimes, and eat them as the tasty, sweet vegetable they are.
Simple braised chard 
Winter is coming! Eat your greens.
Ground cherries
Do you know these? They’re also called Cape Gooseberries, or poha. They’re native to South America, look like little orange tomatillos, with the same paper lantern husk, and we think they taste unlike anything else: sweet, rich, and juicy with seeds, like a tomato. We like them as both a sweet fruit and a savory element in salads, and look forward to hearing what you think of them.
Cauliflower and melted leeks
A mellow, sweet, refined preparation of one of our most-loved vegetables.
Pickled peppers
Mini orange bells, pickled with some heat and sweetness.
Cilantro herb sauce
The perfect sauce for all of the above.
Baked apples, currants, and walnuts
Because what is a menu all about stuffed things in the fall, without stuffed apples? These will have butter, too; they’ll be lightly sweet and wonderful on their own, or with cream.
Extras this week include Morell’s multigrain bread, our very hot sauces, and stock of all kinds.
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All our best,
jennifer & laura