Wednesday, May 21, 2014: Backyard

Hello there!
We have a new menu for pickup next week. It’s called Backyard, because that’s where you should eat it, if this weather holds even a little.  Parks also count. Pickup will be slightly different this time: on Wednesday instead of Thursday, just this once. Our Laura is leaving for China on Thursday, so stay tuned for all the lovely ideas she’ll come back with in a couple of weeks. We’re already thinking about tea classes and Shanghai dumplings, just you wait.
If you’d like a vegan version of this crate, we can do it—just order a vegetarian crate and let us know in the notes field.

As usual, we’re offering them on Square Market on a first-come, first-served basis. Pickup will be Wednesday, May 21 from 5:00 to 7:30, in Berkeley and San Francisco.
All in (includes both the omnivore and vegetarian main dishes): $185
Omnivore: $155
Vegetarian: $125

It’s like this:
Fried chicken (omnivore crate), 8 pieces
Pasture-raised, buttermilk-soaked, crusted and a little spicy. Bring it cold for a picnic or give it a quick crisping in the oven.
Hoppin’ John cakes (vegetarian crate), 6 cakes
It’s possible that we went a little nuts with our Anson Mills order and have a lot of really amazing grains and legumes to make special gluten-free vegan burgers for you. These will have Sea Island Red Peas, Carolina Gold Rice and Heirloom Bennecake flour.
Potato salad, 24 ounce jar
The lemony homemade mayonnaise kind, crunchy with celery.
Cabbage slaw, pint jar
Bright with lemon and olive oil.
Sesame herb sauce, half pint jar
Yet another version of our herb sauce, with the chicken and hoppin’ cakes in mind: lemon thyme, parsley, chives, lots of sesame.
Cornbread, slab
We’re doing this one with stone ground polenta, with eggs and buttermilk. (If you’re vegan, we’ll make polenta grits for you.)
Shelled fresh peas, pint jar
All shucked and ready for the pan, if they get that far.
Strawberry rhubarb galette, about 9”
A special picnic treat.

Cherries, one pound
Cherries are here! We’re looking for the best ones for you.

Extras this week include Rosemary Bread from Morell’s, duck + chicken stockbrown chicken glaze, pickled beets and three onion stock

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All our best, 
jennifer & laura