June 12, 2014: Paula

Hello there,
Paula Wolfert has been an inspiration to us for longer than we’ve known each other, so it seems fitting that we make a menu openly influenced by her. Not every dish here is directly from her books, but we think of her when we eat food like this. We recommend that you treat yourself to her new book, The Food of Morocco or to the classic Cooking of South West France, if you like to cook and read.  We also love Yotam Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem, and Jeff Kohler’s Morocco, in the same vein.

This week’s food is free of gluten; the only grains are oats in the date bars.

As usual, we’ll offer this menu for pickup on Thursday (June 12) between 5:00 and 7:30 P.M. in Berkeley and San Francisco; they’re available on a first-come, first-served basis on Square Market.
Vegetarian: $130
Omnivore: $155
All in: $190
A reminder about the version names: Vegetarian contains the vegetarian main dish, Omnivore contains the meat main dish, and All in includes both main dishes.
It’s like this:
Lamb meatballs, herbs and lemon, a pound and a half before cooking, omnivore crate
Bright and lightly sauced. No breadcrumbs in this one.
Watercress soup, chick peas, pistachios and rose, quart jar, vegetarian crate
Peppery and rich and heady.

Beets + yogurt with za'atar, 12 oz jar
To serve as a dip or on a sandwich.
Cucumber salad, orange flower water, pint jar
Cucumbers are here! This is a nice simple floral salad, to start us off.
Spicy eggplant + tomato salad, pint jar
Chunky, creamy, sweet & spicy.
Crushed olive salad, half pint jar
With citrus fennel marmalade, salty and bright.
Steamed carrot salad, pint jar
With lemon and spices, comforting and good.
Harissa, half pint jar
One of our very favorite sauces to have around for nearly everything, from hamburgers to lentil soup.
Date bars, four
For your early summer hikes and quickly grabbed breakfasts.
Plums from Blossom Bluff
We’re going nuts for the drip-down-your-arm stone fruit right now.

Extras this week include chicken glaze, lots and lots of stock (duck + chickenlambthree onion and vegetable), and sesame bread from Morell’s.
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All our best,
jennifer & laura