January 8, 2015: New

Hello there, and Happy New Year!
It’s traditional around here for our first menu of the year to be a light and sustaining one, for getting back to it after the holiday’s beautiful excesses. This year’s version is suitable for a dinner party or a few days of dinners and snacks, and is just what you need right now. The omnivore’s version contains the fish dumplings in broth, the vegetarian version contains the miso ginger broth with mushrooms, and the all-in contains both.

Vegetarian (vegan this week): $135
Omnivore: $145
All-in: $190

It’s like this:
Clear broth with fish dumplings, two quart jar
Elegant and delicious, and the opposite of a cookie.
Miso ginger broth with mushrooms, two quart jar
Ginger, miso, shiitake mushrooms – spicy and earthy.
Walnut and lentil spread, half pint jar
For a refined and satisfying sandwich, appetizer or snack.
Apple chips, pint jar
Crispy, sweet-bright lovelies. Pretty enough for guests.
Seedy seaweed shake, half pint jar
We love this for adding savory, salty crunch to salads, rice, beans…
Kale salad, quart jar
For good luck and health in the new year.
Steamed squash and citrus dressing, 24 ounce jar
This is beautiful cold, in crunchy lettuce leaves, or warmed up for a cozy winter dish.
Sautéed greens and garlic, 24 ounce jar
Greens, greens, greens, greens, greens!
Herb tisane with nettles and rose hips, half pint jar
Extra-special with some wild-harvested elements, aromatic and immune-supporting.
Extras this week include Morell’s Multigrain breaddouble lamb stock, and apricot jam.

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All our best, 
jennifer and laura