December 18, 2014: Welcoming

Hello there,
We have a wintery menu to offer you for pickup next week, Welcoming, suitable for hosting dearests or serving over a few days at home. It being the holidays and all, we’re happy to give extra portions of any item you might want more of—just let us know. Pickup will be Thursday, December 18, from 5:00 to 7:30 in Berkeley and San Francisco. The omnivore’s version includes the short ribs, the vegetarian version includes the risotto, and the all-in contains both.
Our extra-special Gift crate is available for pickup on the 18th, as well: a careful collection of some of our favorite treats of this season, to give and keep.
It’s like this:
All in: $255.00
Omnivore: $195.00
Vegetarian: $125.00
Braised short ribs, two quart jar (two and a half pounds uncooked weight)
Classic, slow and velvety, with red wine and aromatic vegetables.
Spinach and pumpkin risotto, quart jar plus 24 ounces pumpkin broth
Pretty much the most comforting thing you can eat, when it’s raining outside. The broth is perfect for stirring into the risotto as you heat it, just before serving, and there may be enough left over for a cup to sip, too.
Charred smashed beets, 24 ounce jar
Rich and smoky and earthily sweet.
Horseradish cream, half pint jar
For your beets, for your beef, for your holiday-time sandwiches—even crab, if you do that sort of thing.
Kohlrabi with onions and cream, quart jar
The pretty root and leaf, sweetened up with onions and cream.
Pickled Wickson apples, 24 oz jar
These will be suitable to give as a present, if you can resist eating them. They’ll go very nicely with both main dishes, as well as with the beets.
Satsuma mandarins, 1 pound
Isn’t it lovely that we get the brightest fruit just when the skies go darkest?
Extras this week include Morell’s rye bread (so good), and our own apricot jam.
Thanks for supporting Potliquor, and stay dry out there!

Jennifer & Laura