October 15, 2015: Mole

Hello there,
We’ve been planning this one since midsummer, and are thrilled to be announcing, from deep in squash and chile season, that the next crate’s menu will be focused around two mole sauces: one deep red-black, the classic days-long, thousand ingredient sauce, with chicken drumsticks; the other green and rich, with hominy and quinoa-stuffed poblanos. The vegetarian version (vegan this week!) contains the green mole, the omnivore’s version contains the mole negro, and the all-in has both. We are offering a regular size, which feeds about four, and a small, which feeds about two.
This crate will be available on Thursday, October 15, for pickup at our kitchen in Berkeley, 2701 8thStreet No. 105,  from 3:30 to 7:30 pm, and for delivery in San Francisco between 5:00 and 7:30 pm. 
All in: $193/$115
Omnivore: $148/$90
Vegetarian: $133/$82
It’s like this:
Chicken drumsticks in mole negro (eight drumsticks/four drumsticks)
More than twenty ingredients and our days-long loving attention; what more could you want?
Hominy and quinoa-stuffed poblano peppers, green mole (four peppers/two peppers)
A little ode to fall.
Roasted heirloom squash, pomegranate seeds (one pound/half pound)
It is the moment for gorgeous winter squashes; we’ll choose our favorite from the ever-expanding list of what’s available next week.
Ground cherry and yellow pepper salsa (12 ounce jar/eight ounce jar)
You may remember ground cherries from last year: golden little tomato-looking fruits in a husk. They taste like sweet curry, and make a beautiful salsa.
Roasted tomato salsa (12 ounce jar/eight ounce jar)
A deeper, spicier one.
Slow-cooked Yellow Indian Woman beans (quart jar/pint jar) 
Some of our best-loved beans, creamy and dense.
Pickled onions (eight ounce jar/four ounce jar)
The bright, savory thing that pulls everything into focus.
Fresh handmade tortillas (12 tortillas/six tortillas)
Essential for this menu.
Extras this week include more tortillas, chicken bone broth, and Nuthouse granola. If you’re interested in extra mole, let us know; we’ll get in touch with you if we have it available.
Thanks for supporting Potliquor! We’ll see you Thursday.

All our best,
Jennifer & Laura