October 29, 2015: Autumn

Hello there,
We have a wonderful heart-of-fall menu for you, for pickup and delivery next Thursday, the 29th: lamb-stuffed quince, spicy pumpkin stew, pink heirloom polenta, sage pistou, our favorite tiny apples, and more.

As usual, this crate of food will be available for pickup at our kitchen in Berkeley from 3:30 to 7:30, and will be delivered in San Francisco between 5:00 and 7:30 pm. Orders will remain open until 2:00 pm on Tuesday the 27th, or until we sell out. We offer a regular size, feeding about four people, and a small, feeding about two. You can choose the vegetarian, containing the pumpkin stew, the omnivore, containing the lamb-stuffed quince, or the all-in, which has both.
It’s like this:
Lamb-stuffed quince (six quince halves/four quince halves)
Rich, savory-sweet, season-evoking beauties.
Spicy pumpkin stew, kale, leeks (quart and a half/24 ounce jar)
Nourishing, pleasing goodness for the dark evenings coming soon—Daylight Savings ends on November 1.
Long-cooked pink fioriani polenta (24 ounce jar/pint jar)
A special heirloom polenta from Sonoma.
Sage walnut pistou (eight ounce jar/four ounce jar)
This week’s sauce to put on everything, with parsley and mint, too.
Creamed spinach (pint jar/12 ounce jar)
The real thing, a true treat and a good way to grow up big and strong.

Slow-cooked Italian butter beans (24 ounce jar/pint jar)
Our constant favorite, these velvety white beans are grown by Iacopi Farm in Half Moon Bay.
Butter lettuce (two heads/one head)
Silk-leaved lovelies.
Shredded roots salad (pint jar/12 ounce jar)
Beets, celery root and carrot, with sherry vinegar and herbs.
Wickson apples (one pound/half pound)
Tiny, sweet, spicy, addictive little guys.
Extras this week include Morell’s rosemary bread, Nuthouse granola, and our extra-special chicken bone broth. If you missed out on Mole last time, or would just like some more, we have a few pints of the precious stuff for sale this week, too.

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Coming soon: we are doing a true Thanksgiving menu this year, available on Wednesday, the 25th and including turkey leg confit, stuffed and roasted breasts, and so many wonderful things. We can’t wait to show you. We’ll post the menu, available as a whole crate or by the element, for pre-orders next week.
Thanks for supporting Potliquor, we’ll see you Thursday!
All our best,
Jennifer & Laura