March 26, 2015: Kenny

Our friend Kenny Hockert is a great and authentic cook; you may have had a very fine schnitzelwich, borscht, pickles or pierogi from his Old World Food Truck during the past few years. He’s moving to New York, and we will miss him, so this menu is a fond farewell to one of our favorite people, with pierogi and borscht, dill and caraway.

The Vegetarian version contains the borscht, the Omnivore’s version contains the pierogi, and the All-in contains both. We’re offering each in a regular and a small size next Thursday, March 26, 2015. In the east bay, pickup is at our kitchen in Berkeley from 3:00 to 7:30 pm; in San Francisco, delivery is from 5:00 to 7:30 pm.

Vegetarian: $113/$78
Omnivore: $150/$100
All in: $185/$118

It’s like this:

Oxtail pierogi, 12 each/6 each
Long-cooked oxtail and potatoes, in a sour cream dough. We’ll give them to you frozen, so you can boil and/or crisp them when you like.

Vegan borscht, 2 quart jar/1 quart jar
All hail the spring beet.

Carrot relish, 12 ounce jar/8 ounce jar
With spring onions, mustard seed and coriander.

Kasha, pint jar/12 ounce jar
Made old-style, with long-cooked onions and butter.

Demiglaze: meat (for omnivore and all-in) or roasted vegetable (for vegetarian), 8 ounce jar
For saucing up your kasha, or saving for a special occasion.

Polish spring salad, 24 ounce jar/pint jar
What better way to celebrate the true start of spring, than with radishes and asparagus and snap peas and egg? This will have a lovely housemade lemony mayonnaise, too.

Sour cream, 8 ounce jar/4 ounce jar
Made by us, naturally.

Marin Roots winter garden mix, 8 ounce bag/4 ounce bag
Jesse Kuhn grows this special wild-tasting mix of greens in the early spring: meadowfoam, miner’s lettuce, chickweed. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Extras this week include pickled strawberries, extra demiglaze, chicken broth and Morell’s excellent rye bread.

Thanks for supporting Potliquor! May you eat well this week.

All our best,
Jennifer and Laura