March 12, 2015: All the Luck

Hello there,

So it turns out that not only do we have a stellar St. Patrick’s-inspired menu for you for next Thursday, with nitrate-free pastured corned beef, vegetarian lentil pasties and other goodness, but the promise of a storm last weekend sent us some green strawberries from Dirty Girl to pickle for you, so all the treasures are coming your way.

Crates will be available on Thursday, March 12: for pickup at our kitchen in Berkeley from 3:00 pm until 7:30 pm, and delivered in San Francisco between 5:00 and 7:30 pm. The vegetarian version contains the lentil pasties, the omnivore contains the corned beef, and the all-in contains both.

Vegetarian, regular/small: $128/$96
Omnivore, regular/small: $168/$126
All in, regular/small: $198/$148

It’s like this:

Corned beef and broth, 2 quart jar/1 quart jar
Fat-streaked and delicious, cured with traditional spices, without nitrates

Vegetarian spiced lentil pasties, 4 each/2 each
These were a hit last spring: sustaining and tasty, great for a picnic.

Caraway horseradish cream, half pint jar/4 ounce jar
For putting on corned beef, and everything else.

Roasted cabbage, walnut rosemary sauce, pint jar
With golden edges and savory elements, so good.

Smashed potatoes with leeks, 24 ounce jar/pint jar
Skin on, dry farmed, buttery Nicola potatoes from Little Organic.

Carrots & honey, pint jar/12 ounce jar
Because classic.

Tokyo turnips & citrus, pint jar/12 ounce jar
Two of our favorite parts of winter.

Pickled green strawberries, half pint jar
Bright little jewels. plunk them into your cocktail, slice them into a salad or salsa, eat them out of the jar.

Thyme cheddar soda bread, 1 loaf, about a pound
Proper and Irish, best warmed and slathered with salty butter.

Extras include 24-ounce jars of pastured chicken broth, for keeping you well and happy.

Thanks for supporting Potliquor!

All our best,
Jennifer & Laura