January 30, 2015: Sportsball II!

Hello there,
We are very pleased to announce the second annual Sportsball crate, a special one featuring pulled pork and actual beer cheese soup, among other things. Perfect for having friends over to watch the game, contributing to a potluck gathering, or just eating for dinner because you can, Sportsball II promises to be at least as thrilling as its predecessor.
Pickup at our kitchen in Berkeley will begin at 3:00 pm and go until 7:30 pm. We will deliver to San Francisco between 5:00pm and 7:30 pm. This crate is for Friday (not Thursday!), January 30. Orders will stay open until Thursday afternoon, or until we sell out.
The vegetarian version contains the beer cheese soup and the onion & mushroom dip; the omnivore’s version contains the pulled pork and the clam & herb dip. The all-in version contains everything.

Vegetarian: $155
Omnivore: $175
All-in (two extra elements): $240
It’s like this:
Spicy pulled pork, coffee and maple (omnivore)
Pastured pork shoulder, cooked forever. Dark and sweet and pulled to shreds.
Beer cheese soup (vegetarian)
Possibly descended from welsh rarebit and medieval breakfast soups, beer cheese soup is most definitely a thing. Creamy and rich, we think you will like it.
Winter slaw
Cabbages and chicories, with a bright dressing to stand up to all the richness above. Pile it on your pulled pork sandwich or your bowl of soup.
Bean dip
Because football. 
Mixed nuts
Our own mix of locally-grown walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds, beer nuts style.
Clam & herb dip (omnivore)
Like the one you remember! Only better.
Long-cooked onion & mushroom dip (vegetarian)
Creamy earthy delicousness.
Housemade saltines
Because we like to make crackers for you. Crispy, simple, salty ones this time—great for crunching into your soup, or scooping dips.
Classic brownies, one dozen
The platonic ideal.
Extras this week include our bread and butter pickles, and Tordu bread from Morell’s. If you would like an extra jar of any element in the crate, let us know; we’re happy to make more for you.
Thanks for supporting Potliquor!
All our best,
Jennifer & Laura