January 22, 2015: Rustic (plus news!)

Hello there,
We have some exciting news this week: a menu we’re calling Rustic, with lamb, pumpkin and mint pie and white bean kale soup, and:
With this crate, we’re starting delivery in San Francisco! It will be between 5:00 and 7:30 pm on Thursday, January 22: if you’re ordering in San Francisco, please let us know a one-hour window during that time when you can accept delivery, and whether it’s okay to leave the crate on your doorstep if you’re not there.
East bay pickup will now start at 3:00 pm, for your schoolchild-ferrying ease.
Our next menu will be the second annual Sportsball crate, which we will bring to you on Friday, January 30. Will there be beer cheese soup? Will there be bacon? Stay tuned.
This week, it’s like this:
The omnivore version includes the lamb pie, the vegetarian version contains the white bean and kale soup, and the all-in version contains both.
Vegetarian: $140
Omnivore: $160
All-in: $200
Lamb, pumpkin and mint pie (one 9” pie)
Hand-chopped lamb from Don Watson, with Musque de Provence pumpkin and mint. Like if you kept a little cottage garden and made this on a Sunday.
White bean and kale soup, two quart jar
The classic winter soul-saver.
Rosemary walnut pistou, half pint jar 
A very big deal for soup and vegetables.
Braised fennel, pint jar 
Made special with Pernod and citrus.
Roasted turnips, pint jar 
One of our favorites, buttery and nutty.
Pickled carrots and green coriander, 12-ounce jar
Sweet little ones, crunchy and bright.
Broccoli salad, currants and sunflower seeds, quart jar 
Our version of the classic pot luck broccoli salad.
Blood orange cardamom shrub from Shrub & Co., four ounce bottle 
Our neighbors Shrub & Co. make this fantastic shrub (a sweet drinking vinegar), perfect for cocktails and tart-sweet sodas.
Citrus shortbread cookies, one dozen
For your afternoon tea.
Extras this week include Morell’s Sunflower Bread, and double lamb stock.
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All our best,
jennifer & laura