August 7, 2014: Spanish

Hello there, and happy midsummer! We hope you’re enjoying the San Francisco fog or the sunshine on its edges, and have just the thing for the last leg: a ready-to-eat menu of Spanish-inspired dishes, for eating at home or taking with you on camping trips or hikes.
As usual, we’ll offer this menu for pickup on Thursday (August 7) between 5:00 and 7:30 P.M. in Berkeley and San Francisco; they’re available on a first-come, first-served basis on Square Market.
Vegetarian: $135
Omnivore: $145
All in: $200
A reminder about the version names: Vegetarian contains the vegetarian main dishes, Omnivore contains the meat main dishes (two this week of each), and All in includes all four main dishes.
It’s like this:
Bacalao-stuffed peppers, four (omnivore)
Garlicky salt cod and potato in whatever peppers catch our fancy.
Albondigas, almond sauce, one pound (omnivore)
Spanish meatballs in an almond and herb sauce.  These will contain beef, pork and bread.
Spanish tortilla, four wedges (vegetarian)
The classic, with onions and potatoes: great for taking with you to a sunny hilltop.
Spinach and chickpeas, 24 ounce jar (vegetarian)
For spooning onto slices of bread as tapas, or enjoying as a stew on its own.
Allioli, half pint jar
Did we mention the garlic, this week?
Jimmy Nardello romesco sauce, half pint jar
We love this creamy red, almond-rich sauce, made with some of our favorite sweet peppers, on almost anything.
Charred baby onions, one bunch
Traditionally served to celebrate the beginning of spring, but beautiful anytime as a vegetable or squished into a sandwich.
Classic early girl gazpacho, quart jar
It might be that we’re doing a little dance about tomatoes right now.
Padron peppers, one pound
For frying in a hot skillet with olive oil and salt and making all your friends swoon.
Roasted varietal fresh beans, one pound
The beans have landed, and we’re looking forward to picking out some beauties for you!
Extras this week include Morell’s Country Batard, pickled beetsduck and chicken stockthree onion stock, and lamb stock.
You might also like to know that our summer Pickling Class is coming up soon, on August 16, and there are a few spots still available.
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All our best,
jennifer & laura