August 21, 2014: Sisters

Hello there,
This week’s menu is called Sisters—for the “three sisters” tradition of planting and serving corn, beans and squash together; and for our sisters, both of whom had birthdays lately and are far away (Hi Lisa! Hi Sarah!). Maybe you have a sister you could invite over for dinner this week, for tamales and corn salad and chilled soup and agua fresca cocktails.
As usual, we’ll offer this menu for pickup on Thursday (August 21) between 5:00 and 7:30 P.M. in Berkeley and San Francisco; they’re available on a first-come, first-served basis on Square Market.
Vegetarian: $130
Omnivore: $135
All in: $155
A reminder about the version names: Vegetarian contains the vegetarian main dish, Omnivore contains the meat main dish, and All in includes both main dishes.

It’s like this:
Ancho pork tamales, four (omnivore crate)
Long-braised Marin Sun pork shoulder, with all kinds of love.
Pepper and corn tamales, four (vegetarian crate)
Organic masa, roasted peppers and corn, melty cheese.
Cold summer squash soup, papalo, quart jar
We love papalo—a wild herb from this continent used in Mexican cooking since before the arrival of the Spanish. We think you’ll like it, too.
Heirloom slow cooked beans, 24 ounce jar
With their naturally occurring potliquor, of course.
Cabbage & radish salad with pumpkin seed lime dressing, quart jar
Some bright crunch to pair with the beans and tamales.
Corn salad, tomatillos, kale, poblano, green onion, 24 ounce jar
Sweet and green and deep and bright.
Escabeche, 8 ounce jar
Pickled carrots, peppers and onions, for brightening everything.
Pico de gallo, 8 ounce jar
Dry farmed early girl tomatoes and the accompanying goodness.

Hot sauces: jimmy cayenne and green cayenne, 4 ounce jars of each
Jimmy cayenne is Jimmy Nardello peppers with cayenne and Hungarian wax—fruity, rust red, and hot. Green cayenne is sharp and extra hot. If you’d like to substitute the extra fiery red cayenne sauce (no Nardellos) for the Jimmy, let us know in the notes field of your order. It is the hottest we’ve made yet, and will do things to your face. We have two jars–first come, first served.
Watermelon agua fresca, quart
For serving on its own, or in cocktails, or frozen into popsicles.

Extras this week include lamb glaze, duck and chicken stock, and more, all available for pickup with your crate.

Thanks for supporting Potliquor! 

All our best, 
jennifer & laura