September 4, 2014: Seaside

Hello there,
How about some ocean-inspired food for the last moments of summer? We’re calling this week’s menu Seaside, and it’s a good one: fish stew, fig and tomato tart, a seaweed spice for salads and other warm-weather dishes, and lots of marinated vegetables for your table or picnic blanket. We’re even including a sweet: lemon posset and poached gewurtztraminer grapes. Pop them into your bike basket and ride off to the shore!
As usual, we’ll offer this menu for pickup on Thursday (September 4) between 5:00 and 7:30 P.M. in Berkeley and San Francisco; they’re available on a first-come, first-served basis on Square Market. You can get the vegetarian version, with the tart; the omnivore version, with the fish stew; or the all-in version, with both.
Vegetarian: $130
Omnivore: $150
All in: $190
It’s like this:
Fish stew, two quart jar
Full of great seafood from our friends at TwoXSea, including, we hope, clams from the northern coast and crayfish from Tahoe! Fennel and potatoes and citrus, too.
Tomato and fig tart, one tart
With long-cooked onions and herbs.
Sweet pepper mayonnaise, 8 ounce jar
For your stew, or your squash, or your sandwich of any kind.
Seaweed salad spice, 4 ounce jar
We love this for adding salty depth of flavor to crunchy lettuces, fish or tomatoes.
Grilled onions in vinaigrette, 8 ounce jar
Onions are a vegetable! Especially these, grilled and sweet and saucy.
Roasted tomatoes, herbs and olive oil, 8 ounce jar
These are wonderful as the beginning of a pizza, as a salad by themselves, or as part of a marinated vegetable picnic.
Marinated grilled squash, pistou, 8 ounce jar
Thin slices, for snacking or stacking into a sandwich.
Fennel salad, pint jar
Wonderful for piling into your stew or on your marinated vegetables.
Poached grapes, 12 ounce jar
It’s grape harvest season! These are a lovely treat on their own, or with the posset.
Lemon posset, pint jar
A custard thickened with lemon, simple and lovely.
Heirloom melon, one
It’s high melon season, among other things, and we have some favorites to share with you. This will go great with the posset, as well.
Extras this week include chicken stock and lamb glaze, and we definitely recommend getting a loaf of Morell’s Tordu bread this week if you’re getting the stew and eat wheat.
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All our best,
jennifer & laura