May 21, 2015: Backyard

We figure you might want to eat outside on Memorial Day, so we’re setting you up for that, with smoked pork ribs and spring succotash, cornbread and baked beans and slaw. And blueberry crisps in jars, for stashing in your bike basket. We’re going classic with this one: the beans will be dark and glossy, the potato salad will be dressed with homemade lemony mayonnaise.

The vegetarian version contains the spring succotash, the omnivore’s contains the ribs, and the all-in has both.

Vegetarian: $147/$92
Omnivore’s: $172/$105
All-in: $207/$125

It’s like this:

Smoked pork ribs (whole rack/half rack)
Rubbed with spice, cooked long and slow over smoke. Between three and four pounds before cooking; extra racks will be offered in Extras, if you have more folks to feed.

Spring succotash:  peas, artichoke, asparagus, baby summer squash, favas (quart jar/pint jar)
We are of the gather-ye-favas-while-ye-may school of thought, you might have noticed.

Cheddar & spring onion cornbread (large slab/small slab)
With goat cheddar, and buttermilk.

Barbecue sauce (12 ounce jar/8 ounce jar)
A classic dark one, a little spicy.

Baked beans (24 ounce jar /pint jar)
Cooked forever, sweet and sharp and complex.

Potato salad (24 ounce jar /pint jar)
One for the ages, with crunchy bits and classic homemade mayo.

Spring slaw (24 ounce jar /12 ounce jar)
Cabbage and sunflower sprouts and snap peas and herbs, and a bright citronette.

Blueberry crisp (four half pint jars/two half pint jars)
Blueberries! These are packed to go, equally suitable for picnics, road trips, and for charming your guests.

Extras this week include our chicken bone broth, pickled green strawberries, granola from Nuthouse, and Kid Bread from Morell’s.

This crate is for Thursday, May 21: East Bay orders will be available for pickup from our kitchen from 3:00 to 7:30 pm; San Francisco orders will be delivered between 5:30 and 7:30 pm. Do let us know if you have a preference for a specific one-hour window, and if it’s okay to leave the crate at your door if you aren’t home.

Thanks for supporting Potliquor! We’ll see you soon.

All our best,
Jennifer and Laura