June 25, 2015: Umami

Hello there,

We’ve been cooking on the Mendocino coast all week, watching the ocean roll in and the hawks swoop. We have a beautiful menu for you for next Thursday: smoked MacFarland Springs Trout, a vegan soup with Hodo Soy tofu and Mendocino seaweed, pickles, fresh tea herbs, and many other wonderful things.

This crate will be available, in regular and small sizes, on Thursday, June 25: for pickup at our kitchen in West Berkeley from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm, or delivery in San Francisco from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm. The vegetarian version contains the soup, the omnivore’s contains the trout, and the all-in has both.

It’s like this:

Tea-smoked MacFarland springs trout (whole fish/half fish)
Sustainably farmed in Lassen, smoked with tea, rice and sugar.

Vegetable soup: seaweed, sweet potato, tofu, ginger, green onion (2 quart jar/1 quart jar)
A pretty and nourishing soup, just what you want right now. Keep it simple and eat it as is, or fancy it up with some of this week’s other elements.

Sauteed pak choy (24 ounce jar/pint jar)
Garlic, ginger, savory goodness.

Pickled radish pods (12 ounce jar/12 ounce jar)
These are so neat: very bright little teardrop-shaped pickles, wonderful over a salad or in a bloody mary.

Painted serpent cucumbers and kombu (pint jar/12 ounce jar)
For snacking or adding bright salty goodness to your meal.

Miso roasted eggplant (24 ounce jar/pint jar)
Sweet and rich and silky.

Spinach and sesame (2-8-ounce jars/1-8-ounce jar)
Simple and elegant.

Shiga turnips (one bunch)
We love these baby tapered turnips; they’re beautiful roasted, and would be lovely shaved like radishes into a salad, too.

Fresh tea herbs (one bunch)
Tulsi basil, lemon verbena, lemon balm, chamomile, and Moroccan mint, for a green and invigorating tea.

Extras this week include chicken bone broth, granola from Nuthouse, pickled green strawberries, woodsy salt, and celery salt.

We’ll see you Thursday!

All our best,
Jennifer and Laura