July 10, 2014: Summertime

Hello there, and happy fourth of July! We’re happy to announce our next menu, Summertime, all about smoked ribs, lemony beans and bright summer salads.
As usual, we’ll offer this menu for pickup on Thursday (July 10) between 5:00 and 7:30 P.M. in Berkeley and San Francisco; they’re available on a first-come, first-served basis on Square Market.
Vegetarian: $120
Omnivore: $160
All in: $200
A reminder about the version names: Vegetarian contains the vegetarian main dish, Omnivore contains the meat main dish, and All in includes both main dishes.
It’s like this:
Smoked beef ribs, slab
Maximum iconic summer cookout, pasture-raised.
Slow-cooked white beans, summer squash, lemon, two quart jar
A brighter version of our baked beans.
Mustard sauce, eight ounce jar
For ribs, for beans
Figs & roasted sweet potatoes, 24 ounce jar
Our current salad crush.
Pickled green beans - 12 oz jar
Blue lakes from Riverdog, still crunchy.
Cucumber melon salad, pint jar
Cool and pretty.
Assorted tomatoes and basil from the market
Because summer.
Fresh local cheese 
Yet to be determined, but sure to be special, with tomatoes particularly in mind.

Extras this week include Morell’s Kid Loaf (a loaf-shaped levain), pickled beetschicken glaze and stock.

Thanks for supporting Potliquor!

All our best, 
jennifer & laura