January 22: Forest & Field

Hello there, 

We’re glad to tell you that we have another menu for you, Forest & Field–mushrooms, pork belly, sustaining rooty soup, rich sauces and lots of green.

We’re selling them through Square Marketplace on a first come, first served basis, for pickup in Berkeley (January 22) and San Francisco (January 23). If you’re counting, yes, we are planning to have a new menu available every other week!
Ordering will be open from now until the Monday before pickup at noon, or until we sell out. 

Omnivore: $145
Vegetarian: $145
All in: $180

It’s like this:

Slow roasted pork belly with alliums and seeds (omnivore), 1.5 pounds before cooking
Fennel and mustard seed, coriander and onions–rich and so tasty, a little goes a long way!

Roasted mushrooms (vegetarian), pint jar
Yellowfoot and oyster mushrooms, roasted with thyme and shallots.

Parsnip potato soup, quart jar
Silky and savory. We’ll leave it to you to finish this with cream or mushrooms or chunks of pork belly.

Steamed romanesco, quart jar
Eat your fractals! 

Braised nettles & leeks, pint jar
Wild forest sustenance, deep blue-green, for swirling into the soup or curing what ails you.

Green goddess, half pint jar
We have a big crush on this sauce right now. Did you know it was invented in San Francisco, at the Palace Hotel, in 1923?

Crispy blushed butter lettuce, one head
Because what’s better than crispy lettuce and green goddess? We don’t know.

Brown butter, half pint
For finishing vegetables (especially squash!), soup, any fish, even chicken. We’re not responsible for what happens if you put this on the pork belly, though.

Rye berries, 24 ounce jar
We cook these till they’re al dente, leaving them undressed so that you can use it for a range of things, from porridge with walnuts and honey, to a lunch salad with nettles and squash and mushrooms and greens.

Roasted Marina di Chiogga squash, one pound
Rich and deep orange and silky, beautiful.

Don’t forget to add stock if you’d like it–we have roasted mushroomvegetable, and mixed poultry available this week, in 24 ounce jars.

Thanks very much for supporting Potliquor! 

All our best, 
Jennifer and Laura