August 27, 2015: Burning Man

Hello there, We have an extra special menu for you next week, which we’re offering for pre-order starting today. Last year around this time, we made a note that we wanted to offer an amazing, very robust crate of shelf-stable and frozen food and drink that would be suitable for taking to Burning Man, and, ta da, we’re doing it.

The great thing is: whether or not you are renting a 25-foot box truck and building a life-sized model of the Chrysler Building out of garage sale mirrors on a dry prehistoric lakebed with 50,000 other people in 105 F heat, this crate will make you happy: frozen soups, date bars, spicy nuts, zucchini bread, cold brewed coffee, watermelon agua fresca, sriracha, pickles, bacon—it’s future wish-fulfillment, wherever you may be.

Our instruction sheet will include tested advice for keeping your crate and other food fresh for a week in extreme conditions, and a list of shopping suggestions tailored for the desert experience, too.

The vegetarian version contains the gazpacho, the omnivore’s version contains the chicken soup and bacon, and the all-in contains all three. As usual, we’ll offer a regular size, suitable for about 4 people, and a small, suitable for about two. It’s worth noting that this crate contains more elements than usual, but everything is packed to last. The crate will be available on Thursday, August 27, for pickup at our Berkeley kitchen from 3:30 to 7:30 pm, and delivery in San Francisco from 5:00 to 7:30 pm.

All in: $277/$175
Omnivore: $243/$157
Vegetarian: $179/$122

It’s like this:

Chicken soup with ginger and chile, frozen (2-24 ounce jars/1-24 ounce jar)
Rich chicken stock with spicy, bright, very aromatic elements—exactly what you’ll be needing at some point in the near future.

Spicy gazpacho, frozen (2-24 ounce jars/1-24 ounce jar)
For dinner as the sun sets on a hot day, or to freeze into popsicles, or to use as a Spanish Bloody Maria base.

Cold brewed coffee, frozen (24 ounce jar/pint jar)
Because we love you and we want you to be happy.

Watermelon limeade concentrate, frozen (24 ounce jar/pint jar)
To enjoy frozen as granita or paletas, or as the beginning of an extremely refreshing cocktail or agua fresca.

Spiced nuts (pint jar/12-ounce jar)
Locally grown almonds and walnuts, sweet and spicy. Tasty protein for hikes, parties and other extreme protein-needing situations.

Date bars (4 bars/2 bars)
The classic Potliquor hiking bar.

Millionaire’s bacon (2 pounds before cooking/1 pound before cooking)
Bacon is a Burning Man essential, and bacon cooked with brown sugar and chile just elevates your existence, in any situation.

Walnut blue cheese crackers (24 ounce jar/12 ounce jar)
Rich little savory somethings.

Sriracha (8 ounce jar/4 ounce jar)
By popular demand.

Yellow pole bean and espelette carrot pickles, shelf stable (2 12-ounce jars)
For your Bloody Maria, and to keep you salty.

Zucchini bread, frozen (large loaf/small loaf)
Breakfast matters, darlings. Day 4 will be so much better now.

Extras this week include Potliquor sauerkraut (highly recommended if you’re going to the desert), more date bars, Nuthouse granola, and Morell’s Raisin Rye bread.

Thanks for supporting Potliquor—we’ll see you on Thursday the 27th! All our best,Jennifer & Laura