Thanksgiving 2015

New: updated with earlier pickup times! 

We are excited to announce our 2015 Thanksgiving crate, available now for pre-order!
We feel Thanksgiving deeply: everyone around the table, a memory-evoking feast, gratitude for it all. This food is the expression of that; we hope it adds beauty and meaning to your day.
This crate is our version of a complete Thanksgiving feast, enough for six to eight people, or four with generous leftovers. It will take an hour or two to heat everything, cook the green beans and bake the pies, but is otherwise completely prepared.
We are only making a limited number of these, so if you want one, you will want to act fast, as they say. If you have ordered from us in the past, you may want to read the details for this one, as there are some differences. We will offer one size of the crate in traditional, vegetarian, and vegan versions. Each element is also available individually, so you can make your own menu or add to your crate if, for instance, you are avoiding gluten, or you need extra gravy to make your dad’s famous open-faced leftover turkey sandwiches.

The crate will be available on Wednesday, November 25 (the day before Thanksgiving), for pickup from our kitchen in Berkeley from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm. We’ll deliver in San Francisco from 4:00 to 7:30 pm, with a $100 minimum order. If you have questions about pickup or delivery, or special requests, please get in touch with us--we'd love to make it work for you if we can!
Finally, the menu:
BN Ranch heritage turkey: roasted breast with bread stuffing, smoked quince-glazed wing, and confit leg (half of an 18-20 pound turkey, included in the traditional version)
These turkeys are a perfect example of how the most humane practices result in the most astonishingly delicious food. BN Ranch heritage birds have real flavor, and real fat. We’re giving them to you two ways: the breast will be brined and stuffed with a beautifully classic bread stuffing (you can order more stuffing, if you like), and we will confit the leg in duck and turkey fat.
Squash stuffed with rice, dried figs, roasted shallots (six portions, vegan and without gluten, included in the vegetarian and vegan versions)
These will be either halves of baby squashes or quarters of larger ones, with a decadent, vegan, breadless stuffing. Extra stuffing is available, and you can also order additional stuffed squash, by the pair.
Root vegetable gratin with cream and sage (24 ounce jar, vegetarian, no gluten)
After turkey, this is the first thing we start thinking about as Thanksgiving approaches: celery root, winter squash and potatoes, cooked in cream with garlic and sage. So simple, so good.
Dry farmed mashed potatoes (24 ounce jar, vegetarian, no gluten)
David Little’s Yukon Gold potatoes, milk, butter, and salt. The platonic ideal.
Roasted sweet potatoes, maple, black walnuts (24 ounce jar, vegan, no gluten)
We’re pretty excited about these black walnuts from Connie Green, and can’t wait to eat these caramel-edged sweet potatoes.
Handmade brown turkey gravy (pint jar, contains gluten and dairy)
Rich, brown, and saucy, as it should be. If you are a person who likes paler, thicker gravy, you can add a light, thick roux to this to get it the way you like.
Roasted brussels sprouts (1 pound, no gluten, vegan)
Kept simple with olive oil and herbs as a foil for richer dishes, but open to brown butter and lemon, or your signature finish.
Best of season lettuces (12 ounces, vegan)
We’re already plotting about salad greens. They will be special.
Pomegranate seeds (8 ounce jar, vegan) and sherry vinaigrette (4 ounce jar, vegan)
Elegant bits for your salad.
Fried shallots (4 ounce jar, vegan, no gluten)
To finish your salad, green bean casserole, or brussels sprouts, if you don’t accidentally eat them out of the jar.

Condensed maitake and crimini mushrooms in cream (8 ounce jar, vegetarian, contains gluten)
With dried porcinis and cream, earthy and rich; you may remember a similar version from last year.
Fresh local pole beans (12 ounces, vegan)
Cook these simply, or use the mushrooms and shallots to make a spectacular version of the casserole.
Cranberry sauce (8 ounce jar, vegan)
Kept classic, with sugar and citrus.
Compound butter: sage, parsley, citrus, chive (6 ounces, vegetarian)
This is a wonderful little magic trick for basting the turkey breast, stuffed squashes, brussels sprouts, or anything that needs to be more delicious. You can also serve it with bread at the table, add it to your leftovers sandwich, or even have it on toast in the days to come.
Ready to bake apple pie (one 9-inch pie, contains gluten and butter)
Three pounds of apples and an all-butter double crust, given frozen, ready to make your house smell amazing.
Pumpkin pie kit (one quart of filling and one crust. The filling contains dairy, and the crust contains gluten).
Like last year, the dough will come rolled up, ready to be fitted into your pie pan. You can make ice cream from the filling, instead, if you like.
Turkey bone broth (24 ounce jar)
A kickstart to your soup of leftover turkey, or a path to more gravy.

Order your crate
More elements available to add to your feast include:
Extra bread stuffing (quart jar, contains turkey broth and bread)
Morell’s Full Belly wheat and country breads, with the essentials: carrot, onion, celery, sage, chestnuts, broth, butter.

Extra rice stuffing (quart jar, vegan and breadless)
With Knoll Farms figs and roasted shallots.
Pickled green beans
Our own little dears.
Pickled French prunes
Sweet and sharp, wonderful with cheese.
Morell’s country bread
Naturally leavened, truly wonderful bread from Eduardo and Tamsen.

Thank you for supporting Potliquor! We'll see you soon.

All our best, 
Jennifer & Laura