November 20: Autumn

Hello there,

We’ve been busy this fall! We moved into our very own new kitchen and set it up, and it’s dreamy: just big enough for us, with lots of natural light and everything we need. We had a busy wedding season that’s just coming to a close, and are excited to start up the meal project. 


Without any further ado:

We’re happy to announce our first meal project from the new kitchen: a balanced menu, comforting and bright. This one will be for pickup in Berkeley only, Wednesday, November 20, 4pm to 8pm, and you’re welcome to come to the pickup open house whether you have a crate or not, to have a snack and see the new space! If you still have a Potliquor wooden crate or jars, we’d love for you to bring them by.


pickled chanterelles, half pint jar
great with special cheeses or other treats for your thanksgiving table, or as a decadent snack

celery root soup, quart jar
silky and rich with lots of leeks, an iconic fall flavor.

creamy polenta (no dairy), quart jar 
we cook it forever, but leave the finishing richness your choice.

nasturtium leaf butter, 4 oz
peppery, and crunchy with salt. save for your turkey next week, or use it to finish polenta or toast!

fennel stock, 24 oz jar
heady, anisey, light

gremolata, half pint jar
a bright, herb-based sauce, perfect for the braise and vegetables, or really anything in this menu.

whole baby chicories, sherry vinaigrette with currants
to be enjoyed cold as a salad, or sear the chicories with salt and olive oil, and dress in the pan for a warm fall dish.

for omnivores: braised Marin Sun Farms beef shanks with aromatic vegetables
cooked long and slow; silky, nourishing and warming.

for vegetarians: roasted white beans and vegetables, squash, carrots, turnip, shallots, herbs
golden-edged shards of some of our favorite elements of the season, roasted with good resiny herbs.

As ever, all our food is sourced for the best practices, as nearby as possible; more information about the origin of everything will be on the packing slip, along with details about how to use every element, and a shopping list for making the most of your food.

We’re selling through Square Marketplace this time; if there are extras available, we’ll post them there by Tuesday morning.

Finally, we’re happy to be offering autumn table bouquets from our friend Misti Boettiger at Flowers in Your Hair this time—her work is beautiful, seasonally poetic and uniquely sustainable; she only uses organic and wild foraged elements. The bouquet she’s making this week will dry beautifully and be well suited to your table, next week and all season.

Thanks for supporting Potliquor! We can’t wait to see you.

Best, Jennifer & Laura