March 13, 2014: Luck

Hello there,
We’re happy to announce another menu, inspired by the upcoming Irish feasting day and some recent adventures we’ve had: Laura and Jennifer each crashed her bike, within a block of the same spot, a week apart. We’re both healed and well, and looking forward to cooking more food for you. May a warm spring rain fall on you, may you be safe from MUNI tracks, and may the road not rise up to meet you.
We’re selling them through Square Marketplace on a first come, first served basis, for pickup in Berkeley and San Francisco on Thursday, March 13. 
Ordering will be open from now until we sell out. 

Omnivore: $145
Vegetarian: $120
All in: $170
Like this:
Corned beef in its broth, traditional spices, no nitrites or nitrates,  two pounds
Fat-streaked and luscious.
Spiced vegetable lentil pasties, four
Vegan picknicky goodness.
Caraway horseradish cream, half pint jar
for putting on everything, from meat to cured fish to potato chips.
Braised Cabbage, pickled mustard seed & apple cider syrup, quart jar
All hail cabbage! Bright and a little sweet.
Smashed whole potatoes & scallions, 24 ounce jar
Skins on, dry farmed, buttery.
Carrots & star thistle honey, pint jar
A little more indulgent than usual.
Tokyo turnips & citrus, pint jar
Sweet spring treasures.
Market hunk of cheese, half pound
Something local, for your ploughman’s lunch.
Rye from Eduardo Morell, one loaf
You may have heard us talking about Morell’s bread—naturally leavened, long-risen, sour and soulful–and we’re thrilled to be offering it for the first time as part of this crate. If you’re interested in getting an extra loaf, or getting the bread on its own, let us know.
Blond chicken stock, 24 oz jar
Homemade pastured stock, for keeping you well and happy.
If you’ve been waiting for a crate to be free of grain or dairy, the next one (March 27) will be! If you’d like to order but cannot eat one of the elements we’re offering, let us know; it is sometimes possible for us to make adjustments.

All our best, 
jennifer & laura