January 8: New Year

Hello there,

We hope you’re enjoying a relaxing and sustaining holiday! We’re happy to announce a menu for pickup on January 8 and 9: New Year, light and spice-laden and just the thing for getting back to it.
We’re selling them through Square Marketplace on a first come, first served basis, for pickup in Berkeley (January 8) and San Francisco (January 9).
Ordering will be open from now until the Monday morning before pickup, or until we sell out. 

all in: $185
omnivore: $150
vegetarian: $115

Chickpea, potato, olive & conserva stew - two quart jar
Sustaining and bright, and the best color.

Market fish in saffron, citrus, fennel broth - one and a half pounds fish, before cooking
We always want to eat fish just after the holiday passes. This is rich enough to be sustaining, light enough to be a relief.

Cultured caraway beets & apples - pint jar
Sweet and tart and great for your post-holiday belly.

Raw baby kale salad - quart jar
Lucky for the new year. Plus, that feeling you’re having? It’s that you want to eat kale.

Turmeric sesame yogurt sauce - half pint jar
Beautiful on everything.

Seed & spice blend for salads- four ounce jar
We love this on the kale salad, but it will go well on everything else here, too, as well as whatever soup or other salad you’re eating at the moment.

Date, citrus, orange flower water relish - half pint jar
A bright sweet dark thing for vegetables or cheese or any tagine.

Celery root, carrot, chervil slaw - pint jar
Salad! You want salad.

Local honeycomb - half pint jar 
We’re thrilled to have this to offer you at this time of year. Cheese pairing luxury? Natural medicine? You decide.

Thanks very much for supporting Potliquor! We wish you a blazingly wonderful year.

All our best, 
Jennifer and Laura