January 15: Renewing

***Sold out! thank you!***

We’re pleased to announce the third Potliquor crate, a renewing menu meant to support your best existence as we head into 2013. This one will be available as a vegan ($115) or omnivore’s version ($125), or you can get all possible options (two extra items) for $145. Crate and jars deposit is $25, or the return of your previous ones.  As always, there will be a packing slip with details about how to use every element.
Ginger green onion sweet potato broth, 20 oz.
A rich and nourishing vegan broth
Pastured chicken ginger broth, 20 oz.
Practically a registered drug.
Varietal mushrooms and herbs, pint
A mix of our favorites.
Seaweed salad with cucumber, pickled carrot and radish, almond oil, pint
Sourced from Mendocino, unique and delicious. Might give you superpowers.
Nettle parsley pistou with garlic and almonds, half pint
A very different one from last time, with a bit of extra wild dark-green goodness.
Firebrand rye toast, 2-quart jar
We love these curly, sturdy, thin crackers–nourishing and satisfying and a great foil for anything you want to put on them, from bright to rich. If you’d rather not have any gluten in your crate, we can leave these out and credit you the difference.
Shredded raw beet salad, parsley, lemon, pint
Bright, earthy, sweet–a great salad for anytime, wonderful with apples, spicy or sweet greens, fresh cheese, or by itself.
Tea, 1 oz
Curated by our friend Sina at Red Circle Tea. Special.
Olive oil poached fish (exact fish depending on best availability) with fennel and grapefruit peel, pint. 
This is delicious, rich, and among the most nutritious foods a person can eat. We hope you will try it! Beautiful for a picnic, on toast (see above), over some spicy greens with pistou, in a bowl with rice and seaweed…just lovely, really.
Olive oil poached celery root, fennel and capers, lemon peel, pint: 
Ready to eat on its own or as an element with toast, eggs, tofu, in broth, as a skillet hash…the olive oil flavors and is flavored by the other elements and is beautiful as a finishing element for other food, too.
A limited number will be available for pickup in San Francisco or Oakland on January 15; if you’d like one, please email us at potliquorsf@gmail.com to let us know which sort of crate you’d like and where you’d like to pick up.
We’re looking forward to making lots of food for you in 2013–stay tuned for more details, coming soon!
All our best, 
jennifer and laura.