December Menus

December 11: Soup
December 18: Warmth

Hello there,

We have two menus to offer you this December: the first is Soup, with rich brews and homemade sriracha, to keep you well as the holiday approaches; the second, Warmth, with all sorts of special things like duck rillettes, preserved quince, bay nut candy and mushroom truffle terrine, to give as gifts or serve to guests or eat with spoons.
We’re selling them through Square Marketplace on a first come, first served basis, for pickup in Berkeley and San Francisco. Soup will be available on Wednesday, December 11 in Berkeley (4pm to 8pm) and Thursday, December 12 in San Francisco (4pm to 7pm).
Warmth will be available twice: on December 11 in Berkeley , December 12 in San Francisco (4pm to 7pm), and also on December 18 in Berkeley (4pm to 8pm), December 19 in San Francisco (4pm to 7pm).
Ordering will be open from now until the Monday morning before pickup, or until we sell out.

Soup, December 11 & 12
all in: $155
omnivore: $130
vegetarian: $130


Chicken and guinea hen soup: green onion, ginger, carrot, cabbage, celery–two quart jar
Rich, cold-curing, chill-banishing; made extra special with the guinea hen.
Vegetable soup: varietal mushroom, delicata, ginger, green onion, carrot, celery & root– two quart jar
Super powered with mushrooms; earthy and a little sweet.
Brown rice, one pound
from Massa Organic
Fried shallots, 4 ounce jar
to add magic to your soup.
Cilantro shiso paste, half pint
A brightly perfumed finish for soup or vegetables.
Jarrahdale pumpkin puree, pint jar
The color of the sun, silky and deep: great for pies or soup.
Pomegranate seeds, half pint
Freshly pulled from the fruit: antioxidant luxury!
Broccoli rabe, steamed with garlic, quart jar
Grow up big and strong.
Homemade Sriracha, 12 oz
Cayenne and Corno di Toro chiles: because we love you.

Warmth, December 18 & 19
all in: $190
omnivore: $165
vegetarian: $130


Duck rillettes, pint
Shredded duck confit with sherry vinegar, mustard and lots of black pepper. Great for serving at a party, eating on toast with pickled prunes, or giving as the best host gift ever.
Beet walnut puree + salsa verde, pint jar
Deeply red, bright and amazing, with a cap of salsa verde to mix in, if you like. Equally great with crudité or cheese.
Mushroom shallot terrine with truffle, half pint jar
Super special. Contains cream and eggs.
Spicy sweet almonds, pint jar
Sugared and tossed with our favorite sweet and hot varietal chiles. A cocktail party essential.
Pickled prunes, half pint jar
The ultimate agrodolce: a great foil for anything rich (rillettes, cheese, stew).
Fruitcake, six-inch round
Our own white version with dried and hand-preserved fruit and nuts. This year’s includes some very special Filigreen Farms plums, candied grapefruit peel, pistachios, pears and tart cherries, and is soaked in rye whisky and kirschwasser. Singular. Contains eggs, butter, wheat, tree nuts and alcohol.
Celery salt, four ounce jar
A great salt to add flavor at any point, but especially to finish poultry or vegetables.
Preserved quince, pint jar
Oh, where do we even start? Cocktails, cheese platters, punch, stuffings…
Bay nut candy, 3 pieces
The fruit of the California Bay Laurel tree, roasted and crushed with sugar into a candy that tastes like coffee, like chocolate, like leaves. A very rare treat.

Thanks very much for supporting Potliquor! We wish you a cozy and satisfying holiday season.

All our best, 
Jennifer and Laura

 P.S. If you have a crate from a previous offering, we’d love to get it back! We’ll even come pick it up. Let us know.