December 18 and 22: Gift

Hello there,

We have a beautiful thing to offer you this holiday season: a collection we call Gift, all boxed up in a crate for keeping. Each element will be tagged individually with serving suggestions, so you can give each one separately, or the whole thing to one lucky person, or keep a few to enjoy with friends—it’s up to you. It will be available for pickup in Berkeley and San Francisco on December 18 and 22. (We’ll be offering a meal project crate on the 18th, as well, stay tuned). If you’d like extras of anything, let us know!

It’s like this:

Gift, $200

Duck rillettes, ¼ liter Weck jar
The traditional Potliquor holiday version: duck legs cooked slowly in duck fat and shredded, with sherry vinegar and mustard and spices. Rich and peppery and so very good. Rillettes are a traditional way to preserve duck, so this will last for a time in your fridge, with its fat cap intact.

Cauliflower terrine, walnut rosemary pistou, ¼ liter Weck jar
A creamy, dense cauliflower custard with egg, cream, and a pistou of Full Belly walnuts and the evergreen herb on top.

Membrillo, four ounce jar
Quince fruit paste for your cheeses, or your spoon. You can serve this in its jar, or unmold it. 

Woodsy salt, half pint jar
Juniper, bay, and a surprise or two in Pacific sea salt: for wintering up your roasts and vegetables, or delighting your host.

Cocoa nib brittle, 6 ounces
Our current favorite, with nibs instead of nuts, packed to give in a Mason jar.

Rye crispbreads, 2 quart jar
We’ve been enjoying making these seeded ultra-thin crispbreads for parties, and think you should have some for yours. We make them with Anson Mills rye, caraway seeds and Maldon salt; they do contain some wheat, too.

Fig mostarda, half pint jar
Dried Knoll figs preserved with citrus and mustard seeds, sharp and sweet and perfect with rich roasted things.

Preserved rhubarb, 12 ounce jar
There was a late flush of rhubarb this year, which we preserved with honey and mandarin peel. It’s savory enough to serve with cheese, sweet enough to finish a custard or pound cake, and the syrup will be dreamy for cocktails.

Fruitcake, 6" round
We have been making fruitcake together for almost as long as we’ve been friends. Our version is rich and spiced, but light. Singular. This year we’re doing a version focusing on fruit and nuts grown around here–dried plums and almonds–and local spirits.

Pickup will be in San Francisco and Berkeley on December 18 and 22, from 5:00 to 7:30 pm. If neither of these times works for you, let us know; we can arrange something else.

We wish you a warm and delicious holiday!

Jennifer & Laura