April 17, 2014: Lamb

Hello there,
We’re happy to announce another Potliquor menu. We’re calling it Lamb: we’re pretty excited to be bringing in whole animals from Don Watson for the first time, and lambs quarters from Full Belly Farm! As always, we’ll offer this menu for pickup on Thursday, April 17, between 5:00 and 7:30 in Berkeley and San Francisco; they’re available on a first-come, first-served basis on Square Market.
Vegetarian: $115
Omnivore: $150
All in: $180
A reminder about the version names: Vegetarian contains the vegetarian main dish, Omnivore contains the meat main dish, and All in includes both main dishes.
It’s like this:
Braised Watson lamb, fennel, salted lemon, anise hyssop
A nice light braise, with bright and herbal elements.
Vegetarian borscht
Broth style, rich with beets and dill and caraway and spring roots.Anchor
Pickled eggs two ways: with red beet juice + dill, 
and turmeric + mustard
Easter eggs!
Carrot coriander mash
Silky and delicate, great as a vegetable side or the beginning of a soup.
Roasted cauliflower, sesame and fennel seeds
Sweet, crunchy with seeds.
Stock: lamb or spring allium + bay
We’ll give lamb stock with the omnivore and all-in orders and spring allium stock with the vegetarian ones; let us know if you’d prefer something different!
Charred spring onion sauce
An oniony herb sauce, adding a little wildness and savory fire to everything.
Lambs quarters & easter egg radishes
From the market this week: lambs quarters grow wild in many places around here, have a nice fleshy leaf like spinach, and great grassy flavor. We like to eat it raw, simply dressed, but it’s good cooked, too! Radishes are just because: eat them with salt and butter, with bread or not, or shaved into a salad.
Nana Mae’s gravenstein apple, raisin and fig mostarda
For Passover, grilled cheese, lamb sandwiches, and more.
Extras available for ordering with your crate this week include beet greens, whole wheat levain from Eduardo Morell, and brown chicken glaze.

Thanks for supporting Potliquor!

All our best, 
jennifer & laura