May 7, 2015: Brunch

Hello there,

We like to celebrate the national day of the mother with brunch for everyone. If you feel like bringing it to someone in her bed while she sleeps, we will not object; you could also put together an elegant noshy supper or three with this one.

This year, we’re curing wild salmon, gravlax-style, and making big lovely quiches with our current favorite spring finds: favas, peas, green garlic, mint. There are lots of little treasures of the season to accompany it all, from pickled scapes to strawberry rhubarb compote. Oh, and bagels, from our neighbor Dan Graf of Baron Baking, which the New York Times calls “as good as Brooklyn’s.”

As usual, these will be available on Thursday for pickup at our sunny Berkeley kitchen from 3pm to 7:30 pm, or delivery in San Francisco from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. The vegetarian version contains the quiche, the omnivore’s version contains the salmon, and the all-in version contains both. Everything is available in a regular size, feeding about four; or a small, feeding one or two.

Vegetarian: $129/$102
Omnivore: $141/$104
All-in: $177/$128

It’s like this:

Cured salmon (12 ounces/6 ounces)
Gravlax-style, with herbs and lemon.

Fava & pea quiche (large/small)
Green garlic, mint, pecorino. It’s okay if you say “ta da!” when you serve this to people.

Red flannel hash, vegetarian (quart jar/24 ounce jar)
Beets and potatoes and carrots, equally wonderful for handling your poached eggs or as a sustaining side dish for any meal.

Pickled scapes (8 ounce jar)
Scapes! The flower stalk of the allium. Milder, sturdier—perfect for pickles, and for noticing that it is spring.

Stone fruit and lettuce (one pound and 1-2 heads)
The very first stone fruit of the year always knocks us sideways. Lettuce will be a small red romaine variety we love, breen, or another similar one.

Sesame Baron bagels (four/two)
Three words: “pretzel-like crust.” Extras are available, if you’d like more!

Fromage blanc vegetable spread (8 ounce jar/4 ounce jar)
To fancy up your bagels.

Rose syrup (8 ounces/4 ounces)
A champagne cocktail for mama, or a very special soda, or a heady drizzle for any simple cake you like to make.

Strawberry rhubarb compote (12 ounce jar/8 ounce jar)
To eat on toast or swirled into yogurt.

Local flowers, one bunch
To give, or to keep.

Extras this week include Morell’s singular scones, granola from Nuthouse, our own chicken bone broth,pickled green strawberries, and of course, more bagels.

See you soon, and thanks for supporting Potliquor!

All our best,
Jennifer & Laura