April 2, 2015: Duck

Hi there,

We’re happy to announce a menu for pickup next week, Duck, to help you celebrate your spring holiday properly: skordalia-stuffed artichokes, roast duck with blood oranges and olives, beet and rhubarb salad, lemon bars! As ever, they’re available on Thursday: we’ll have them for pickup in our spiffy Berkeley kitchen between 3:00 and 7:30, and will deliver to San Francisco between 5:00 and 7:30.  The vegetarian version contains the artichokes, the omnivore’s version contains the duck, and the all-in contains both.

Vegetarian: $124.00/$83.00
Omnivore: $165.00/$110.00
All-in: $204.00/ $136.00


It’s like this:
Roast duck, blood oranges, fennel, oil-cured olives (whole 2 pound duck/half)
A special something to mark the moment.

Artichokes stuffed with celery root skordalia, breadcrumbs and Parmigiano Reggiano (four/two)
Equally suitable for your evening table and your beach picnic.

Rainbow chard, green garlic, barberries (pint jar/pint jar)
Eat your colors!

Roasted radishes and mint (pint jar/12 ounce jar)
All the delicious egg-shaped things.

Fava leaves (6 ounces/3 ounces)
For an iconic spring salad.

Rhubarb & beet salad with Rogue River Blue (24 ounce jar/pint jar)
Earthy sweet richness.

Pickled eggs–beet horseradish + dill,  turmeric + mustard (12 ounce jar, about 6 eggs/8 ounce jar, about 4 eggs)
Easter eggs! These were so pretty and tasty last year that we had to do them again.

Lemon bars (8 bars/4 bars)
Meyer lemon curd and shortbread crust, a friendly wave goodbye to winter.

Extras this week include our very special pickled green strawberries, Morell’s sunflower bread, and a particularly golden-beautiful chicken broth.

Thanks for supporting Potliquor! See you Thursday.

All our best,
Jennifer & Laura