April 23, 2015: Spring

Hello there,

We have a pretty and indulgent spring menu for you: fried chicken, goat milk macaroni and cheese (with quinoa macaroni from our friends at Edison Grainery), collards with green garlic, strawberry refrigerator jam & biscuits!

It’s available for pickup at our kitchen in Berkeley between 3:00 and 7:00 pm and for delivery in San Francisco from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm on Thursday, April 23. The vegetarian version contains the macaroni and cheese, the omnivore version contains the fried chicken, and the all-in has both.

All in: $188/$132
Omnivore’s: $148/$99
Vegetarian: $114/$91


It’s like this:

Lemony fried chicken (whole/half)
Lemon-brined, buttermilk-dipped chicken, for your picnic blanket or table.

Quinoa macaroni and cheese with goat cheese and spring peas (quart jar/24 ounce jar)
We love Edison’s quinoa macaroni; you may remember it from our last version of macaroni and cheese, back in September. This one will be made with goat milk and cheese, creamy-white, with springy little peas.

Spring collard greens & green garlic (24 ounce jar/pint jar)
Some deep green, to balance the crunchy and creamy.

Sea island red pea salad (24 ounce jar/pint jar)
Sea island red peas from Anson Mills, in a classic salad with crunchy vegetables and vinaigrette.

Chile paste (4 ounce jar)
Smoky, spicy, velvety, deep; equally suitable for dolling up your fried chicken or your mac.

Craquante D’Avignon lettuce (one or two heads, depending on size)
Gorgeous, flower-looking heads from Paul’s Produce in Sonoma.

Tarragon buttermilk dressing 8 ounce jar/4 ounce jar)
For dipping and spring salads.

Strawberry refrigerator jam (8 ounce jar)
Because strawberries just got good; for your…

Homemade biscuits (six/three).

Extras this week include Morell’s sesame bread, chicken bone broth, and our truly special pickled green strawberries.

Have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll see you soon!

All our best,
Jennifer & Laura